Monday, 21 November 2011

Manic Monday

Well, the new Folksy website is up and running (unless you use Internet Explorer as a browser - try Google Chrome or Firefox if you're having problems) and I'm still not sure whether it's an improvement or not, but we'll have to see how it goes.
I've listed my new Crimson Silk Bag on there (see photo below) and the little Felt Phone Socks I made and am now working on some more small items for the Arts & Crafts Fair in Rustington on 3rd/4th December. I also need to list some of the knitted scarves and other woolly bits that I made last year - they make great gifts for Christmas.
I've been neglecting my other 'shops' recently - the photos on Folksy and the vintage textiles on Etsy - so I need to update those a bit and add some fresh stock. The Etsy shop gets a good number of views and 'favourites' but purchases have dropped off a bit, so a few new items might help. As for the photos, I must find some new outlets for my cards and load a few more images onto the Photographers Direct website. I haven't been out with the camera recently, so that's something else to do this week!
Definitely a manic Monday for me....
Crimson Silk Handbag on Folksy

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