Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas is a-coming!

I finally got into the Christmas spirit and started writing my cards today. Tomorrow the tree will go up too, so it will really feel like Christmas...at my house anyway! I also spent hours listing things on Folksy (still struggling with the new site, but it gets there eventually) and even longer doing the ironing, but we'll gloss over that!
The weekend was good - I spent both days at the craft fair and sold some of my stock, mainly smaller items such as phone cases and a couple of larger items too - but it was quieter than we hoped, especially on Sunday. However, I sold a lovely silk scarf on Folksy and something from my Etsy shop too, so not a bad weekend.
The textile exhibition is still on at the museum (until 23rd December) - no sales as yet but there's still time.
My next project is a dress for me for Christmas...it's years since I did dress-making so this could be interesting. I also plan to make a belt to go with it...if it looks good, I'll put a photo on my next post. In the meantime, here's one of my latest hand-painted silk bags (available on Folksy).

'Sunflower' hand-painted silk bag on Folksy

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