Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lovely Retro Bag

I finally finished the bag I've been making since Saturday! OK, I haven't actually been making it continually since then, but it did take a bit longer than usual. It's a lovely vintage fabric by Bernard Wardle, called Carolina, which is from the 50s/60s era. Makes a real impact! The design has been outline-quilted to make it stand out even more.

'Carolina' classic handbag on Folksy

Other than making, I've been working on the promotion side of things a bit - trying to get more people looking at Folksy, joining craft sites and forums, plugging the Facebook page - it takes a lot of time but I suppose it has to be done. I do need to keep adding vintage items to the Etsy shop too, as that has gone quiet lately...apart from an enquiry from someone who wanted to buy 5 of something...in different colours! I don't think they quite get the 'vintage' concept! Shame I didn't have 5 of them though...would've been a good sale.

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