Sunday, 29 January 2012

Vintage Hermes Scarf

It's been a mixed weekend so far...some good bits, some not so good.
I received some long-awaited funding from Arts-in-Action to promote and support my felt-making workshops (good) and on one of my textile treasure hunts, I picked up a vintage Hermes silk scarf (very good), which will probably make its way onto my Etsy shop at some point. It's from 1993, so not quite old enough to sell there yet, but it will meet the 20-years-old rule next year, so I'll sit on it until then.
As for the 'not so good' - well, I haven't been in the mood to make much this weekend and I haven't sold anything at all - Folksy is very quiet and so is Etsy. I also picked up a vintage designer handbag that, on closer inspection, is obviously a fake...buyer beware...but at least I didn't pay much for it!

Vintage Hermes scarf  'Alfred Dedreux, Peintre du Cheval' by Zoe Pauwels (1993)

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