Monday, 5 March 2012

Not So Bright or Beautiful Now!

So much for Spring.....what a difference a week makes! Sunday was wet, windy and cold - the RNLI shop (where I occasionally work) was dead, no more than a couple of customers all afternoon. This morning I took my felt goodies out of Jan Bennett's window - thanks again Jan for allowing me to use the space for the past 4 weeks. This evening was the monthly Arts in Action meeting - always good to catch up with the rest of the crowd - so that's another Monday done!
I'm still working on some pieces to submit into two upcoming exhibitions, plus all the stock for various craft fairs, as well as getting my 'studio' ready to use (but to be honest, I've really only thought about that, I haven't actually done anything!). So the rest of the week will be busier than ever - how did I ever find the time to work?

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