Saturday, 3 November 2012

Up to my eyes in vintage linen & lace

I've dragged it all down from the loft and have sorted it into separate boxes...traditional white/ecru embroidery, colourful embroidery, crochet lace and other laces. Then there are the damaged pieces, which are beyond salvation but perfect for projects - sad to see them torn and stained, but at least parts of them will be admired again.

What prompted this massive vintage sort-out? Well, it was a request for specific types of embroidery and lace, and I had to admit I had no idea what I had up there in the loft. It wasn't until I started going through it again that I realised just how much there was. So in between painting, felting, stitching and making - not to mention the photography and a bit of selling! - I will be working my way systematically through it all, taking photos and recording each piece before it goes into my Etsy shop to (hopefully) find a new home. That will keep me busy during the long, dark winter months ahead!

If you see something here you'd like to buy, contact me directly as it could take a while to get them all listed on Etsy.

part of a set of 13 matching cutwork pieces

delicate lace doily

one of a pair of rectangular lace mats

a beautiful lace table cloth

part of a large set of matching butterfly doilies

one of a pair of beautifully worked lace doilies

five tiny little embroidered mats

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