Friday, 2 November 2012

What's the secret of selling?

Don't ask me...I have no idea! I had such high hopes for my first craft fair of the festive season - it was a good venue, well-organised and advertised, usually very well-attended by a good mix of buyers, but still I didn't do very well. I could blame the roadworks on the A27 on the Saturday (not supposed to be there at the weekend), which caused long delays and massive traffic jams for visitors, but even on the Sunday when there were plenty of visitors, I didn't manage to sell more than a few items. The recession maybe? Well, that may have had an impact, but people were buying - mostly jewellery and gifts for children - just not from me!

Perhaps I need to re-evaluate my products, my prices, my presentation. Obviously what I'm making isn't what people want to buy (not in this neck of the woods anyway - hmm, maybe that's the problem) - so what do I do? Do I change what I'm selling, where I'm selling, or just carry on and accept that I'm out-of-step with the rest of the world? You see, the problem is, I love my bags and scarves and everything else I make, and I love making them. Each piece is unique and very special - it has its own personality and it's made by me with a lot of care and love. Some are troublesome and won't do as they're supposed to, others are just so easy and a joy to make. I hate parting with them, which may be part of the problem...maybe I'm subconsciously putting buyers off because deep down I really don't want to sell them...?!!

Well, I have a few more fairs lined up before Christmas, so let's see how those go - I'll give it my best shot, I promise. In the meantime, here are a few new items I listed on Folksy today...

Make up bag £12.50

Make up bag £12.50

Pink felt clutch bag £25

Blue silk clutch bag £45

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