Monday, 11 March 2013

A Flurry of Craft Fairs

It's that time of year when all the craft fairs are being set up and I have to decide which ones to do, not just for the next few months but right through until December! I've already done two fairs - one at Haskins, Roundstone in February and one last Saturday at Felpham - so I'm warming up and getting into the swing of them.

The Haskins fair was over four days (a bit of a marathon) and was very quiet initially but it got better towards the end and I covered my costs with a bit to spare. The Felpham one last weekend was also quieter than expected, but again I covered my costs and had a profitable day. I also met some great new sellers and picked up news of other fairs and events to follow up.

I have two more fairs booked at Felpham in April and May, and I've just added the Assembly Rooms, Chichester to my calendar, in June, September, October and November. I'm taking part in the Worthing Open Houses event this year too, which takes place over three weekends in June/July. The Arts in the Courtyard fairs are on in June, July and August, and I've booked a space at Crafts at Lancing College for the last weekend of October. It's all getting very busy!

I've added all the above plus a few more to the events calendar on the right, so keep an eye on it and maybe I'll get to meet you at one of the events.