Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Well, it's the longest day and after a pretty dull start, it's turned into a lovely sunny evening. Shame the sunrise wasn't visible but at least we should be able to see it go down. I do love the long, light days in June and the summer solstice always seems to be a bit magical and memorable. Over the years I can recall quite a few that were special, for various reasons, from getting together with friends for a celebratory drink, to holidays in the sun and travels to far-flung places.

In 2010, I arrived back from Indonesia after a wonderful holiday there. In 2008, I set off for Santiago at the start of a 4 week trip across South America, which was amazing. In 2007, I booked my flights to Australia and soon after handed in my notice at work (3 months, that was tough!).

In 2001, I was unpacking boxes in my new home in Sussex at the start of a long, slow, warm summer. Bliss! In 2000, I started a new job after a six month break, spent studying Spanish and French in Tenerife and Nice.

It seems that the solstice represents more than just the longest day - it's a time for new beginnings, chapters closing, adventures starting - it's a special day, with special memories. I shall watch the sun go down on this one with a warm glow.

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