Thursday, 18 July 2013

Serendipity and Silk Dyes

I've been busy again, this time playing with gorgeous silk dyes and scarves. I love silk, it takes these French dyes beautifully and they look even brighter after they've been steam-fixed. I did a mix of habotai and chiffon scarves - both are lovely - and used three different colourways. I usually select three colours for each batch and mix them to create shades and hues that work well together. Some of the scarves have been shibori-dyed and some space-dyed - both techniques are unpredictable, hence the serendipity in the title. The most exciting bit is unwrapping them after they've been steamed and seeing the final result - always beautiful, but not always as expected!

Here's a photo showing some of them dancing in the sunshine yesterday.

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