Saturday, 7 December 2013

Directory of 'handmade-only' craft fairs

I've attended (as a seller) and visited (as a buyer) quite a lot of 'craft fairs' over the past year or two, and am increasingly frustrated by the inclusion of sellers who either buy-in products or have them made by someone else, usually a factory somewhere miles away.

Are there any 'handmade-only' craft fairs out there, where products have to be designed AND made by the person selling them? I'm only aware of a handful, but would like to promote those and any others that cherish and support genuine handmade crafts.

I'm going to add a Directory of Craft Fairs to my blog, and will be very happy to include any that sell only handmade crafts. They must be fairs that are held on a regular basis (at least annually), anywhere in the UK, and must include the condition that 'all goods are designed and handmade by the seller'.

If you know of any and would like them added, please let me know.